Our Story has been a longtime coming....   

The story of Nantucket Rising began the moment we rounded Brant Point on the ferry and fell in love with the Grey Lady.  It happened at different times for each of us, but as the island story goes once you get sand in your shoes you know you will be back.  And that was true for all of us in one way or another.  

Darcie got sand in her shoes in a big way!  After spending ten summers on island feeling as though she was missing the best time of year, she took the plunge and moved to the island year round in 1988.  Other than a few extended forays off-island during graduate school, she's been a year-round resident ever since.  

Darcie is the owner and sole practitioner of Darcie Evans Counseling Services, LLC.  Over the years, she has felt a pull to expand her practice and add in a coaching component. Life coaching differs from psychotherapy in that a medical diagnosis is not required and the focus moves from simply surviving hardships to flourishing and thriving.  

By teaming up with the founders and coaching staff of The Nantucket Project (TNP) as a member of the TNP Scholars Program, and through the generous support of a grant from The Tower Foundation and The Nantucket Behavioral Health Task Force,  Darcie and her team are rising up and taking flight through Nantucket Rising!

Our Mission is to train Nantucketers* and island lovers everywhere to strengthen our health and happiness skills.  We do this by daring to dive into our challenges, accept ourselves, and then take action and find adventure.

Our Vision is to make Nantucket Island a beacon of health, hope, and happiness by first getting real and then rising up.  

Our Beliefs are that we honor and respect:

the power of hope

the courage of vulnerability

the importance of belonging

the beauty of art

the miracles of nature

The essence of movement

The strength of compassion

the lightness of laughter

The wisdom of the ages and

the truth that we all matter!


By diving into wholeness we learn how to flourish and fulfill our highest potentials!

* The term 'Nantucketers' can mean different things to different people.  For our purposes, a 'Nantucketer' is anyone who is connected to and loves Nantucket Island - it includes native Nantucketers, wash ashores, year-rounders, summer people, day-trippers, and tourists of all kinds.  No matter who you are, if you have a love for Nantucket, you're a Nantucketer in our book.  Because the beauty of Nantucket lives in the spirit of the Grey Lady, and her energy is universal.

                    "When the waves close over me, I dive down to fish for pearls."
                                                         ~ Mascha Kalko
"There are oceans to fly..."
~ Amelia Earhart